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Clear Lip & Skin Health

Clear Lip & Skin Health

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Banish the embarrassment of cold sores, skin outbreaks, and bad complexion.

No more band-aid solutions that treat the symptoms and mask the real problem.

Cold sore defense starts in the gut, with a proprietary, scientifically formulated blend of two proven lip outbreak defense probiotics, L. rhamnosus and L. acidophilus, prebiotics, Lysine and Vitamin C that combine to bring you quick results and build your immune system for long-term defense against outbreaks.

• Helps control and defend against cold sore outbreaks*
• Balances and maintains healthy gut bacteria for overall skin health*
• 12B CFU Probiotic Strains Scientifically Selected for Lip & Skin Issues* 
• Contains L-Lysine, Prebiotics, and Vitamin C for quicker results
• Independent Laboratory Tested for purity, potency and safety
• Delayed-release acid-resistant veggie capsule for optimal delivery
• Proudly Made in the USA

    Cold sore defense starts in the gut

    Our scientifically formulated blend brings you quick results and builds your immune system for long-term defense against outbreaks.*

    Lessen outbreaks

    12 Billion CFUs of premium skin-loving probiotics boosted with L-Lysine help prevent the formation of arginine, a common trigger for skin-related issues.*

    Clearer complexion

    Boosts collagen production in the skin for healthier and better-looking skin.*

    Balances gut bacteria

    Have fewer outbreaks and better overall health with the right balance of good gut bacteria that ensures proper and efficient bodily functions.*

    Boosts immunity

    The combination of Vitamin C and science-backed probiotic strains supports your body’s defenses while strengthening your immune response.*

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